It gives me immense pleasure to bear testimony to the creditable performance of Amanat Solanki. He has had a brilliant academic career throughout his studies in the school. He is very intelligent, hard working, self-confident, prompt and diligent. Have tremendous appreciation for his abilities.

Amanat is polite, regular, quick at work, very cooperative, friendly and has a strong will to succeed. I observed him to be a good organizer with strong leadership skills. In consideration of his interest in social work and praiseworthy conduct, he was appointed in-charge of Environment Club during 2010-2011. In recognition of his outstanding work, he was elevated to the rank of “Best Eco Ambassador” for the year 2009. He is also a group leader of Kainat Foundation, NGO working for Environment Awareness & supporting downtrodden children. He participated in disaster management training programme in 2010organized by Qatar Red Crescent.

Beside these, his abilities and passion for sports and community program are very well received here in Qatar. He is a Founder & Chairman of Mission20, a social and cultural group of young and enthusiastic youth in Qatar. He has also been organizing Qatar Environment Day, World Environment Day, Universal Children Day among other activities for the benefits of general masses. He possesses an endearing personality with excellent rapport with his mates. He is respectful towards organizers and other members off his team.

Shakil Ahmed Kakvi

Founder Chairman, Kainat Foundation

Amanat Solanki is the epitome of a “social entrepreneur.” In that a social entrepreneur is defined as someone who, “achieves large scale, systemic, and sustainable social change through a new invention or a different approach.” Over the past ten years, with the creation of Mission20, Amanat has accomplished just that. His organization has been involved in several projects in the areas of community development, education, health, and emergency fundraisers.

PRESIDENT (2014), College of the North Atlantic- Qatar

It has been a privilege to be associated with such an exceptional organization for the past 10 years and I am extremely honored to be the Patron of the Mission20. I have learned many valuable things over the years that has helped me grow personally as a Manager and assisted me in organizing various events for the community. On the occasion of Mission20’s 10th anniversary, I wish to thank Mr. Amanat Solanki (Founder & Chairman) for his vision and perfect execution of his dreams into reality and for playing a significant role in the development of the organization. I would extend my congratulatory to the three groups of people who played an important role in the development of Mission20.
First – to the group of students who believed and acted upon an idea that such an association would be practical to promote and serve the community in various fields (Mainly- Sports, Education, Environment, Helping underprivileged society etc) in the state of Qatar/Internationally.
Second – to the group of young leaders and members who expanded the original vision of the organization by offering exciting new activities for supporting underprivileged workers and taking care of the issues related to them.
Third – to the group of future leaders who will continue to emerge and nurture the development of Mission20. Over the past years we have seen many changes and we expect that the years to come will be no different.
Please consider joining Mission20, if you are not a member. If you are already a member, become an active and involved one. You will be amazed by experience that will be gained from this prodigious organization.

Patron of Mission20, Former Project Engineer, KAHRAMAA

It gives me great pleasure to share a message to celebrate this auspicious occasion. On behalf of the Volunteer Program of Reach Out To Asia, I extend my heartfelt congratulations for the 10 th Anniversary of Mission20. It is quite an achievement to persevere at any initiative for an entire decade, but to do so for such an altruistic and selfless cause is particularly admirable and noteworthy. As you know, Reach Out To Asia (ROTA) is a non-profit organization launched in December 2005 in Doha, Qatar, by Her Excellency Sheikha Al Mayassa bint Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani.
Operating under the auspices of the Qatar Foundation, ROTA is committed to providing high quality and relevant primary and secondary education, encouraging relationships among communities, creating safe learning environments and restoring education in crisis affected areas across Asia and around the world. ROTA envisions a world, where all young people have access to the education they need in order for them to realize their full potential and shape the development of their communities. As such, ROTA and Mission20 share similar visions wherein both our respective organizations seek to serve and educate the most vulnerable members of communities around the world through volunteering and furthering our “duty to humanity”.
Here at ROTA, we strongly believe in the power of volunteers to achieve sustainable impact in the development of communities and make a truly positive difference in the world. As the American cultural anthropologist Margaret Mead said: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” It is with that thought in mind that I lend my full support to Mission20 to continue onwards and upwards to even greater heights over the next ten years. Amanat, you have always added great value to all the ROTA international volunteer trips and activities you have participated in and we thank you for your committed and tireless service. We wish you all the best in your future endeavour.

George Tavola

Volunteer Program Manager, ROTA, Education Above All

Mission20’s entrepreneurial efforts and event management skills has channeled to noble and charitable causes and it’s setting a role for other youth organizations and individuals. The energy and zest of the team shows their passion for this mission while they resonate with the people who they wish to help through their activities. An organization with such integrity requires the community’s support to achieve their goals and objectives and continue to do good.
Fazil Hameed

General Manager , Al Muftah Rent-A- Car

I had the good fortune of accompanying Amanat on a volunteer trip to Bangladesh were we helped school children in a poor part of the country. Upon returning from our humanitarian trip, He immediately started a successful fundraising campaign to raise funds for building more schools in that country. This is initiative is consistent with other similar activities that Amanat has led. He always has a passion for any activity he undertakes and is expected to perform at levels beyond his peers.
Brian Borgford, CMA, MBA

Former Instructor, Accounting, College of the North Atlantic- Qatar

An organization that Amanat’s founded is a self income generating organization that supports humanitarian causes world wide, that’s the place I see Mission20 hold in the future. I’ve been engaged in most of their fundraisers, envisioning is one thing, carrying it out in action is another, I think its is because of the way they build communities and work in partnership with people, they don’t try do it alone.
Farhaan Ahmed Khan

Projects Specialist

I first met Mr. Solanki with the launch of our inaugural ROTA-CNAQ Volunteer Trip to Bangladesh to teach young children in the rural non-formal schools near Cox’s Bazar. Upon return from the volunteer trip, Mr. Solanki spoke with me about his desires to create a fundraising campaign in an effort to raise money to build additional schools for those children. He drafted an action plan with goals, activities, budget and deadlines. He was able to generate interest and enthusiasm among his peers and organized a group fellow volunteer. He is a youth leader who is here to share and inspire others by his actions. He exemplifies “global citizenship” and continues to promote and motivate other youth to action and volunteerism.
Candace M. Jesson

Coordinator International Education, College of the North Atlantic - Qatar

Mission20 has developed leadership skills among its members who have taken it upon themselves to make a positive impact. M20 has actively supported various events of HOPE Qatar by providing logistical and Volunteering support in the message of HOPE series of events. I will always continue to be a supporter of this organization and look forward to engaging with them even beyond the boundaries of Qatar and explore joint projects in India. Kainat and Mission20 will continue to grow and involve in socially relevant projects in the future.
Dr Rajeev Thomas

Head of Business Planning, Strategic Planning Directorate, Qatar Foundation , Founder, HOPE Qatar

Amanat is extremely bright and energetic young man, who does all what is required of him. As a student, his class work and attendance record were exemplary and his grade speaks for itself. He enjoyed the company of many friends, which allows him to work very well with others. As a social justice advocate, He founded the Mission20 group, which is seen regularly on campus, raising money for the less fortunate. Even though he was holding the president’s position, he still managed to do well in his studies.
Joan M. Howard

Communications Instructor, College of the North Atlantic- Qatar

I’ve known Amanat the last five years and was involved with him in various projects. I have always seen him blooming with new ideas and engrossed in carrying them out, which is probably the very reason M20 is progressing. I trust the mind-set behind this organization and also their intentions. It is a great inspiration for people cause the world needs more like them to accomplish such deeds.
Hassan Rathore

Graphic Designer, College of the North Atlantic - Qatar, Founder, Youth

I am meeting Amanat Solanki once in a while to gain inspiration and give something back to the best of my ability. I strongly believe if Mission20 makes a business process then all the charitable goals will become more realistic, achievable, self sponsored & most importantly sustainable. I am certain M20 will become a leading charitable institution in Qatar that will have a number branches in other countries. Each member of Mission20 will have a happier and healthier lifestyle because of the support and prayers from the people that have received help from M20.
Belal Ahmad

Pilot, Air Arabia

Amanat was part of the nationwide campaign under the Qatar Red Crescent for Syria and a project that raised funds for relief in Bangladesh. Though he was busy supporting these fundraising and awareness campaigns, he was still able to fulfill his duty as a student. He was able to multitask well and surpassed all of my expectations. He is a true professional and dedicated to the work that he does. In any workplace that he will be in, he will surely make a valuable contribution.
Andrea Burry, M.Ed.

Coordinator, Student life, College of the North Atlantic- Qatar

Mission20 is a source of inspiration for young dreamers. It showcases creative and innovative ideas for young minds. Having known the team since they established, their expansion towards broader network such as social work has the benefitted the community. It gives me a sense of pride to be part of an epitome that will facet human life.
Aadhil P M

CTO, Mission20 Zero

I’ve known Amanat Solanki since 2012. He has done an excellent job of balancing his studies, at which he excelled and his commitment to Mission20. As long as he continues to play a role in M20, he will be a major contributor to the society.
Brian Borgford

Retired Instructor, CNA-Q

I would highly recommend Amanat’s organization; Mission20, to anyone who is considering a transition or looking for a unique opportunity to serve the community. I’ve built fantastic relationships with other volunteers within the organization and outside. The time I’ve invested here feels positive. It’s been a privilege to be a part of this wonderful team.
Yusuf Shamim

Services, Qatar Petroleum

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