Something he always thinks about, his vision of life, he wishes to be…

“I just love what I do and
I hope to always serve the
humanity till my last breath”
– Amanat Solanki

Amanat believes in an Arabic Proverb

“He who has health has hope, and he who has hope, Has everything”. According to him, there are a great many destitute, who cannot afford two meals a day, an in such conditions medical care is definitely unaffordable, it may not be within our organization’s hand to provide free health care to every citizen, but it is certainly trying to make a difference.

In terms of education

He believes that educating youth about the environmental issues is important to have a better tomorrow. He was happy to be involved in every campaign that has been supported by various organizations in Qatar. Based on his personal experience, he said that “After visiting Dhaka and feeling the pain of the children there, I felt that those kids are really special…they just need some guidance and education. I could see a thirst to learn among them but unfortunately they had no way; but ROTA came forward with Muslim Aid to give them a chance to learn and to uplift them.