Solanki Mission Group

A holding company with an ambition to invest in making life better on earth with social progress in focus. An entity which emerged in 2015 to streamline all the family business interests & next-generation startups along with a strong sense of social responsibility, it has subsidiaries as old as 30 years and formally came into the fold of SMG in 2015. SMG focuses on wider perspective and aligns the family businesses under a common identity. Along with 100% owned subsidiaries, SMG has collaborated with different individuals and organizations for some of its subsidiaries & projects.

Solanki Trading & Contracting

Solanki Trading & Contracting, re-established in 2008 as the building materials trading & civil interior contracting company with 30 years of interior fit-out expertise. The trading division trades in all types of building materials, especially in gypsum products & ceiling system, safety items, hand tools, fasteners and metal items. STC has a variety of products to serve the increasing need of the construction sector in Qatar & is continuously diversifying based on market needs.

The interior fit-out contracting division has 3 decades of expertise in the field of complete civil interior designing and fit-out with hardworking artistic designers focusing on design excellence, efficient execution, and overall exceptional project delivery in the residential, commercial, retail and hospitality sectors. Having established as an out-and-out interior fit-out contractors, we pride ourselves with the projects we have delivered in malls, retails, government facilities, private residences, residential buildings and villas among others.

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SMG Investments

SMG Investments is the private real estate investment division with focus on real estate developments for the purpose of selling & leasing out in Oman and India along with purchasing of readymade residential & commercial properties.

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A youth social enterprise with subsidiaries & initiatives that independently focus on humanitarian and social responsibility projects and other independent for-profit start-ups focusing on innovation, youth engagement & social progress along with contributing part of net profit towards purely charitable projects and the functioning of Mission20 Foundation.

The first startup of Mission20 is Mission20 Knowledge, a platform which seeks to provide training and development through unique non-formal educational programs by subject-matter experts. The second startup is Solanki Peace, a fashion-targeted brand for clothing and apparels with a special focus on helping the homeless & refugees through the sales. The third startup is M20Zero, a technological and digital transformation enterprise for creating ICT-based solutions.

After a decade of functioning as a non-profit youth organization for social responsibility, Mission20 takes bold new steps in the direction of sustainability through business operations that will help improve investment in social responsibility projects over the next 10 years – Amanat Solanki, Founder & Chairman on 10th Anniversary.


“An ideal social enterprise focusing on core humanitarian duties and leading ways for profit making businesses to provide for a better tomorrow by being one”


“Focus on ventures which bring positive impact to the lives of people and re-invest along with engaging whole society for our duty towards humanity”

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Mission20 Zero

A technological and digital transformation startup, subsidiary of the decade-old social enterprise, Mission20. M20Z is poised to provide specialized and complete digital transformation to various types of enterprises and businesses, enabling the clients to carve out easier and impactful route to total management efficiency, accountability, productivity and eventual success.

Services and Solutions

Enterprise Software | Web Services | Mobile Apps | Business Automation Consultancy | Branding & Designing

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Solanki Peace

A fashion-targeted brand for clothing and apparels, the brand proudly born in Qatar comes with a strong sense of responsibility and seeks to add a value to our very basic need of clothing. It fulfills all the fashion needs of an individual, by helping them look good, trendy, classic, and versatile. Every time someone buys a Solanki Peace product, part of the profit will be donated towards implementation of United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals with a focus of Solanki Peace on No Poverty, Zero Hunger, Good Health and Well-Being, Quality Education & Peace, Justice and Institutions primarily for homeless & refugees through contributions from the sales & engaging Mission20’s Goodness Force, an army of young global citizens. Different models such as “buy-two-donate-one”, “$1 or $2” on each product and many others will be adapted to add a purpose to every purchase that you make.

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Mission20 Foundation

A rebranded version of Mission20, retaining its decade old value of being a non-profit youth organization for social responsibility and volunteering. Mission20 Foundation separates itself from other new profitable division of Mission20 with the aim and focus of continuing charitable activities with the support from its profitable division along with partnership with other organizations and individuals. Mission20 Foundation believes in partnering with every segment of community, one of them is the corporate & business community, Mission20 Foundation is the most favourable youth organization for Corporate Social Responsibility projects of any business, enabling the involvement of youth from its Goodness Force, NGOs & community leaders for a single goal of benefitting the beneficiaries of the social projects.


The basic pillar of Mission20 has always been the following, which covers wide range of duties towards humanity & reflects the Sustainable Development Goals of the Education for Underprivileged | Youth Empowerment | Community Development | Sports & Fitness | Health & Environmental Awareness

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Mission20 Knowledge

For a knowledge-based ecosystem
Mission20 Knowledge, the first startup of Mission20, a decade-old youth social enterprise is a platform for personal & professional development through non-formal educational programs with a focus on youth development & entrepreneurship. The platform also includes corporate training & development programs through partnerships with internationally reputed and accredited institutions, training providers & subject-matter experts, which complement existing sources of knowledge & education.

Program Offerings

Educational Field Trips | Retreat Trips (COMING SOON) | Annual Summits | Corporate Trainings | Talks by Celebrity Speakers (COMING SOON) | Seminar & Workshop | Recounts – Talk show series (COMING SOON) | Social Responsibility for Education

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Goodness Force

Global Volunteer Program by Mission20 & Solanki Peace
Mission20’s Goodness Force (GF) is the army of young global citizens with core motive of youth engagement, empowerment & promoting goodness through implementation of UN’s Sustainable Development Goals in partnership with various non-profit & non-governmental organizations and corporate organizations. As the world’s youth population is increasing, it’s crucial to train, educate & mobilize them towards social responsibility at the tender age with the aim of transforming the world & creating real leaders by 2030 & further. The Goodness Force volunteer program for the age group between 13-35 will spread out in various cities & countries as chapters with chapter head as the Goodness Force Ambassador & chapter members/volunteers as the Goodness Force Captains & Officers. The chapter can be represented by the cities, regions, communities, institutions & organizations.

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