Amanat Solanki

Solanki Mission Group

Amanat Solanki is a social entrepreneur who founded Mission20 is a nonprofit youth organization for social responsibility at the age of 14 in 2007 & in 2017 transforming it into a social enterprise with non-profit & for-profit divisions & subsidiaries. Since 2017, Mission20 has successfully diversified in various sectors at an enterprise level.

The Building Materials Trading division established in 2006 trades in all types of building materials, especially in gypsum products & ceiling system, safety items, hand tools, fasteners and metal items. STC has a variety of products to serve the increasing need of the construction sector in Qatar & is continuously diversifying based on market needs.

Mission20 Zero aka M20Zero is a technological & digital transformation start-up, subsidiary of the decade-old social enterprise, Mission20. As technology evolves, companies are expected to manage their resources more efficiently in order to be competitive and sustainable. Revise and optimize your business processes, reduce your time and effort with ERP ZEROFORCE & other digital solutions.

SMG Investments is the private real estate investment division with focus on real estate developments for the purpose of selling & leasing out in Oman and India along with purchasing of readymade residential & commercial properties. SMG Investments is also open to partner with various parties to jointly invest or develop real estate properties of any time in any part of the world where the ownership rights are given. Contact [email protected] to initiate the communication.

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