Journey of Solanki Peace

Social Responsibility has been the core of my life since early age and at the age of 14 my passion got a direction, a direction with hazy path began in the form of Mission20 as a non-profit youth organization, at that time I had a purpose to spend most of my time in.

Fast forward as Mission20 was in its 10th year, I was in Dubai sitting at the Mamzar beach. That night some amazing ideas came to my mind, a t-shirt business, a brand of my own, support refugees through my brand; a lot of mixed ideas.  I went back home as it was late, tried to sleep but couldn’t, opened my diary and wrote the whole plan. Definitely the plan has developed a lot and took many shapes now after proper research and advices. It’s definitely my dream come true, I was inspired by few brands but wanted to have a different image and concept. The brand is trendy, classic and quality fashion along with strong sense of social responsibility. As a social enterprise the brand aims to provide for the refugees and homeless in 4 different ways; food, clothing, shelter and education. The cause will be based on the need and emergency. We want to create products which gives the customers the reason to own, the quality, design and attached human values are the reasons!.

After a long journey of identifying the right designs with trials, errors, testings & seeking opinions as well as traveling for the right fabric & the right manufacturer who carries the same values for humanity as I do and is ethical in dealings with the hard working employees, we have come up with the best we could with the aim of learning & improving on the way. This field is very different from my family’s business interests, this had been a challenge for me to prove, it was my persistence because I believe ‘It does not matter how slow I start or move forward as far as I don’t stop’.

A brand that incorporates the message of peace being the most needed thing in the world now, lot of calamities take place due to the absence of peace. Solanki Peace, an apparels brand that will make me and everyone proud. The brand would have never existed if Mission20 wouldn’t be there, so definitely all the social responsibility initiatives of Solanki Peace will be done in partnership with Mission20 Foundation being its social arm. New Symbol of Peace, the logo is very dear to me and I hope you like it too, I call it the new symbol of peace because the existing ones couldn’t bring peace; the support this new symbol can receive is through acceptance and owning the products because that is ultimately going to help our social responsibility projects.