As an active individual since very early age and vocal about his thoughts, with qualification in Business Management-major in Marketing from College of the North Atlantic – Qatar & Heriot-Watt University, UK; experience from past and on-going ventures & constant acquiring of knowledge, he is able to give sound advices in various fields. Due to various successful advices & guidance, it was suggested that he take up consultancy as one of his business ventures. Now he is doing it!

Marketing (Online & Offline)

Being marketing as the core subject of his studies & interest, he keeps up with trends in online & offline advertisements & promotions which is a big part of the marketing subject-area. He is well aware of all the social media channels and what it holds for impactful marketing. He is also a passionate graphic designer, he designs or his all his logos & creatives himself as well as creates creative directions for other designers.

Strategic Planning

Starts from legal statuses & registrations (Qatar & UAE), moving forward with planning, implementations, processes and sustainability of any initiative/project, complete advices are provided in the course of multiple meetings.


Having a consultant in a startup stage, is now a days very important, he fits very well as a consultant for startups as a founder of multiple startups/ventures who has seen failures, successes & tough situations. He believes to speak to people when you are starting up and learning from their failures & experiences but he also strongly believes in diving in & trying if you don’t have ‘much’ to lose.

Social Responsibility Initiatives /Corporate Social Responsibility

This is something very close to Amanat’s heart, he believes every organization & Individual should be socially responsible and act based on the need around them or take up special causes and apply all their good forces in accomplishing them. Amanat is expert is designing different initiatives, campaigns & projects for social progress and community development nationally & internationally along with developing partnerships among organizations for the causes. This is primarily for corporate social responsibility initiatives for large or small/medium size companies.