A message from Amanat Solanki on the 10th Anniversary Magazine Release of Mission20

Having a magazine released on the occasion of completing a decade is evident of our success and passion to do more. A journey which started from scouting in MES Indian school and volunteering with Kainat Foundation to a non-profit youth organization for social responsibility and now moving in the direction of being a social enterprise.

We want to do everything a charity organization has done over the years but in a different way, we want to embrace the technology and the new trend, we want to provide good alternatives to the youth on how they can be socially responsible.

I am grateful to all the members and former members for their contribution towards the success of Mission20. Other organizations and companies have played a notable role in making our initiatives and projects a reality.

I am very thankful to my parents for supporting me at every step of this path. Especially my father, who is a role model for me, his hard work, selfless care for the family and his sacrifices to make sure his children got everything in life.

My achievements wouldn’t have been possible without the support and prayers of my parents, constant guidance from Shakil sir and the encouragement from my friends. Amid all the events and programs that we have organized, the Guinness World Record for the most donated clothes collected has had the most impact on us because we were the Organizing Partner for this event.

Collecting huge amount (29,656 kg / 29.6 tons) which was sent to Philippines, Central African Republic and Yemen. The amount of recognition we got in local and international media was uplifting to our cause to do more for the society.